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Type 1 Diabetes Awareness [Vinyl Sticker]

Type 1 Diabetes Awareness [Vinyl Sticker]

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Type 1 Diabetes Awareness! 

I was diagnosed at the age of 6. I designed these stickers so that I could donate a portion to diabetes research. 

I will be adding these to the awareness line, with the soap. I am so thankful that I am able to raise awareness and with your help donate to the cause. It truly means the world to me! 

Single Sticker. [$5 each]

5 Pack, $20. [$4 each]

10 Pack, $35. [$3.50 each]

November is Diabetes Awareness Month! I will be making a donation then, & will share with the group what we have accomplished! Thank you again! 

These vinyl stickers are pretty much life proof! Weatherproof, dishwasher safe, UV resistant - so they will not fade in the sun! 

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