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T1D Wax Melts

T1D Wax Melts

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I love using other small shops to bring new items to you for diabetes awareness! These wax melts are from Live Love Wax, and they are absolutely amazing! 

Proceeds will be donated to diabetes research, along with the other items from this line! 

I am a Type 1 Diabetic myself. I was diagnosed in July 1999, that is where the price of 7.99 comes into play! 

The names are diabetes related as well. 💉🩸💙

Glucagon -- A house blend of Summer Eruption, Fizzy Pops, and Cherry Slushee.

Sugar Rush -- Reminiscent of cotton candy, you will LOVE this vanilla, strawberry, cherry, and sweet sugar crystal confection.

Sugar Dropper -- Both masculine and aquatic, this scent opens with a fresh ocean breeze then becomes mingled with coastal sandalwood.

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